This is a versatile collection of bathroom furniture that will fit perfectly for both large and small bathrooms. This practical opportunity of configuring individual components allows you to store even large items.

Meticulously designed interior of each cabinet allows you to create a smart and harmonious whole.

Look of the Kido collection can be freely created thanks to many colours of handles coming from various styling packages.

That expressive design is a trademark of the Kido collection, which, due to its unusual depth of 360 mm, will perfectly equip all narrow bathrooms. Having a chance of combining various elements from the collection gives a full scope of individualization.

This miniscule collection consists of two-drawer and two-door cabinets. In addition, a multi-colored handles clearly highlight their fronts, creating a stunning visual effect.

The Kido cabinets are equipped with anthracite drawers with metal sides which accentuates
the contrast of effective fronts in white and matt black.

Homely furniture can accommodate the necessary accessories in the bathroom and will give the possibility to create an undisturbed interior, tailored to your own needs.