Elita for the planet – forest planting campaign 2021

Man contributes to the degradation of the natural environment to the greatest extent, which is why it is so germane to conduct business with respect for nature. The fact that nature conservation is very important should not raise any doubts. Moreover, to maintain sustainable development is one of the most important issues in shaping environmental awareness.

As a company, we are aware that human activity has a huge impact on the natural environment, therefore we want our activities to support its development, not degradation. In order to protect our planet, last Saturday we organized a forest planting campaign, during which, together with our employees, we planted nearly 3,000 young trees in the nearby ‘Wilki’ forester’s lodge. It was an opportunity for us to support nature, but also a great time together and a unique chance for integration.

We plant more because we believe it’s worth it.

Trees are a valuable part of the global environment. They are the lungs of the world, protecting the soil and water, and protecting us from the harmful effects of the industry. It is home to many thousands of species of plants and animals  and it is also a favourite vacation spot for many people. Trees are the largest plants and thanks to their massive process of photosynthesis they are most efficient at producing oxygen in the atmosphere – we are proud to have been able to expand this oxygen factory.

We believe that small steps are crucial and that the surprising ease of achieving them can have a positive impact on the entire planet. We organized The Forest Planting Campaign for the first time in 2019. Last year we were stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic, but this year we saw no excuses! Again, we could do something good for the environment together and we also had the opportunity to observe how the forest we planted for the first time changed over the last two years.

One of the most important tools in the development of environmental awareness is education. It is by education that we can school and raise awareness in society while respecting the planet. Therefore, our campaign was preceded by a series of activities aimed at familiarizing our employees with the idea of ​​the campaign. There were also attractions for the youngest participants, to whom we tried to set the best examples. After all, they will take all responsibility for our planet in some time.