ElitStone. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature.

ElitStone is a brand of countertops and consoles designed to perfectly match individual portfolios of bathroom furniture. These gorgeous components are made of compact marble.

ElitStone products are made of 96–97% natural marble with 3–4% admixture of natural resins. This means that ElitStone retains all of the mechanical and aesthetic properties of natural stone.

Marble is a classic selection that never goes out of fashion. This solid stone can quickly change the appearance of any bathroom space with its elegant look.

Marble is not only durable – it is also extremely versatile. Marble consoles and countertops are one of the best in their class in terms of quality, style and elegance. Moreover, they are almost entirely maintenance-free and require less frequent cleaning. These one-off pieces are resistant to heat, water, vapour, and high pressure.

These consoles and countertops are available in two extremely stylish shades of white calacatta and black marquina, and the unique forms resulting from the processing create individual patterns which cannot be reproduced.

ElitStone flawlessly matches coloured countertop basins and ensures their harmonised appearance, whereas the top’s perfect thickness (20 mm) functions as a glamorous detail.

Due to their rigidity, both the countertops and consoles work well in rooms accessible to the public.


ElitStone tops are dedicated to four collections of bathroom furniture: