Catalog 2019

The Elita company has just introduced the new 2019 Catalog, which presents a wide range and variety of offered furniture collections, as well as products complementing the bathroom equipment.

This new 142-page booklet clearly shows how rapidly the company is growing, thanks to the ever-growing range of bathroom furniture, mirrors, washbasins, wall lamps and countertops.

The new catalog contains already well known series of bathroom furniture, which were presented in the second half of last year. We can also find several novelties, original solutions and a number of inspirations in it.

The new catalog, with a characteristic cover, is divided not only into collections, but also into product sections. This shows the full range of products offered in a logical and functional way

The catalog was designed with the end user in mind.

In addition, arrangement photos are also available to illustrate how you can equip your own bathroom.

Download Catalog