Modern style bathroom

While modern style is not for everyone, those who like it appreciate the beautiful simplicity of elegant, minimalist furniture and clean surfaces. This look works especially well in the bathroom.

Regardless of whether your home is a modernist fantasy or you just want to use modern style in your dream bathroom, we’ll show you our recipe to create the perfect, modern interior for your bathroom.

To create your own design, you can read all the tips or just the ones that appeal to you the most.

One of the main features of a modern bathroom is a sense of minimalism, and one of the best ways to achieve this result is the selection of appropriate bathroom furniture.

Suspended furniture in the bathroom will reveal the floor and make the available space seem larger to us, and the bathroom itself will take on a clearly more modern look.

Staying with minimalism, the palette of an elegant modern bathroom seems to be very simple, with an emphasis on neutral colours, of course in timeless shades such as light white, beery, black and dark grey.

Because bathrooms are rooms that we associate with wet space, they must be easy to clean, so choosing the right finishing materials is of great importance.

Large-format tiles inspired by subtle, sophisticated patterns such as marble, stone or concrete work perfectly in a modern bathroom. The grout can create beautiful effects, but a modern bathroom usually uses the minimum grout in the colour that matches the tile as much as possible to get a non-contrasting look. This type of solution is durable, aesthetic and practical. It imposes a more modest message, it does not overwhelm with decorativeness.

For people who do not like interiors finished in this way, they feel „chilly” in them, wood is a great solution. It’s a great material that introduces a touch of naturalness and allows you to maintain a calm atmosphere.

Remember that in addition to using several shades of different colors, modern bathrooms also tend to use a limited palette of materials and repeat these materials on different surfaces so that the whole space seems harmonious to us. Choosing one specific raw material for finishing both walls and floors and appropriate bathroom furniture will make your bathroom space consistent.

Thanks to the use of bright lighting, the bathroom will acquire the effect of freshness and clarity, and modern LED lighting is perfect for emitting bright, white light without yellow shades.

Good lights, such as those that shine from the top of the mirror or hanging cabinet with a mirror, will help keep the walls bright, so the room will look larger. Lights emanating from the mirror itself perfectly illuminate your face and facilitate daily care.

We have already mentioned that modern bathrooms tend to use a minimalist approach, without decorative details such as sophisticated mirror frames. A simple frameless mirror looks perfect and elegant in a modern space, especially when it runs from wall to wall.

A great way to get a more modern bathroom look is to replace the shower curtain with a glass panel. Glass eliminates a visual obstacle in space, thanks to which we can get an instant larger visual appearance.

Remember that even in the most minimal space there should be at least one distinctive element on which the eye can focus. These can be characteristic bathroom faucets or distinctive accessories. Thanks to this, your bathroom will acquire a modern style and unique character.