Black and white bathroom. Why not?

White and black are the perfect combination – black absorbs, white reflects. This fantastic contrast between the two extremes is the starting point for almost any style of decor. The combination of white and black also works well in the bathroom.
Two basic colours and so many possibilities. See what to look for when creating your black and white bathroom.

White and black tiles.

The tiles finish almost every modern bathroom. And black and white tiles give a specific message about your taste.

Flooring: for history enthusiasts, small square or hexagonal floor tiles are recommended, of course in contrasting black and white colours. For a more modern look, black marble or granite floor tiles will be perfect. It is also worth paying attention to patterns that imitate stone or a real tile.

Walls: Rectangular ceramic tiles are popular, as well as the standard square format. These shapes perfectly match almost any bathroom decor. It is worth considering composing a black and white mosaic to accentuate one of the walls or parts of it.

An important rule.

If the floors have been finished with a bold black and white pattern, the wall should have simple white tiles with a delicate black finish (or without). You can also use white large-format tiles and arrange them up to the ceiling to contrast with the black floor.

Bold wallpaper is the bold and increasingly chosen solution. You should then keep the rest of the space in simplicity and transparency, so that we do not overwhelm the sluggish aura of the pattern.


When choosing a black and white bathroom decor, special attention should be paid to finishing elements. Everything should be balanced.
Noteworthy are:

  • A Mirror – Choose a fancy mirror that looks like a work of art, e.g. with an antique silver frame, a black lacquered frame or etched glass details.
  • Accessories – It is worth choosing stainless steel accessories such as soap dispensers, towel rails and batteries. Thanks to this, the bathroom will become modern. To preserve the traditional character of the interior, it is worth choosing brass or black accessories.
  • Additional shelves should be made of the same metals as the accessories. You can also think about wood varnished in black or white.
  • Towels – Fluffy white towels are a classic choice, but you can accent black. It’s a matter of taste.

Or maybe a bit of colour?

For purists, a black and white bathroom should stay that way. It is worth considering choosing an additional colour that will emphasize the overall decor.
Tips for adding colour in the black and white scheme:

  • „Just a little colour won’t hurt.” The combination of black and white is a bold move, adding another colour to this combination will achieve a fantastic effect.
  • The additional colour should be bold and expressive, e.g. green, red or lime.
  • An additional colour can be an addition. A characteristic picture on the wall, decorative soaps or candles will be perfect.
    The combination of white and black in the bathroom is timeless. Such an interior is elegant and can be adapted to any style. He gains individualism due to the appropriate finish and tasteful additions.