Green bathroom, why not?

Are you planning to create an environmentally friendly bathroom? You don’t know what to look for? We are happy to suggest. Below are some tips that you should pay attention to when designing an ECO friendly bathroom.

We all want our planet to be a better place not only for us, but also for our families. You must take care of her. Fortunately, you can start immediately in your own home, e.g. during the next renovation of the bathroom.

You can find many organic products on the market, if we mean more than just the appearance of our bathroom. Modernization concerns, among others sinks, batteries, as well as surface materials, thanks to which they are more environmentally friendly, that is our planet. Of course, all these elements look very stylish. And for using them, the Earth will be very grateful to you.

Batteries and accessories

One of the most important and popular environment-friendly strategies is saving water. This can be done in a simple and elegant way, thanks to properly selected fittings and modern bathroom faucets available on the market. Choosing a modern battery, e.g. with an Eco-button, aerator or such controlled by a photocell will save a lot of water.

It is also worth considering setting rules for water consumption for the whole family. Check if children turn off the water while brushing their teeth and set a time limit for their showers. Without a doubt and with undisguised pleasure you will see a decrease in the amount of the water bill.

Bathroom furniture and sinks

The offer of washbasins is amazingly huge. Ceramic or glass sinks, mounted on the countertop, furniture or stylish, recessed into the countertop. It is worth considering buying new furniture or beautifully reworking the old one. It is very easy to change an old dresser or console into a washbasin cabinet or vanity.

Walls and floors

Recycling? Why not?

The recycled tile is environmentally friendly and increasingly available. Composite material, which is terrazzo, is gaining popularity again. This „decorative concrete” with the content of coarse aggregate, sanded and sometimes polished, is used to make, for example, floors and stairs.

Marble and natural stone are equally good choices, but more expensive. Natural linoleum also has ecological advantages, it is relatively durable and waterproof. It works just as well in the bathroom as it does in the kitchen.