Furniture handles – details that matters.

Small, seemingly insignificant, yet an important element of the arrangement, one which often determines the style of the bathroom cabinet. Choosing the right one, just like choosing the shoes to match an outfit, can completely change the perception of the entire arrangement.

Hardware is important not only for the eye. Properly selected bathroom handles improve the everyday bathroom routine. The wide range available allows us to focus not only on the shape, colour and size, but we can also consider the material from which it is made.

Elegant, classic, or perhaps fancy? Making the right choice can be difficult, and the ever-changing trends don’t make the task any easier. Finding the balance between current trends and timelessness is difficult, but not impossible.

Things to remember




The hardware that we eventually choose is just as important as the furniture itself. There are many options available on the market, such as leather, wood, brass, steel or aluminium. Then there is a choice between the various colours and finishes, e.g. satin, lacquered or brushed.

Neutral materials such as metal look good on almost any surface.

#protip: Mixing materials and shapes, instead of matching them, is a growing trend in bathroom design, as well as for other rooms.


First and foremost, the interior should be tailored to you. It’s not just about functionality, it should also express your own personality and style.

There are two sides to the coin and, depending on their preferences, some designers find that the best solution is to match the handles to other items of the bathroom detailing, from the design of the faucets to that of the mirror frame. However, others uphold the principle of contrast. It is important not to succumb to persuasion, but to follow your own tastes.

#protip: When arranging your own bathroom, express yourself.


The handles can be installed anywhere on the front of a cabinet, but sticking to the furniture manufacturer’s suggestions usually brings the best results. It is important to install the entire bathroom cabinet properly, as this significantly affects the visual quality of the design, as well as ensuring its failure-free functioning.

Handles in the form of knobs are perfect when they are centred across the front, although they do not have to be vertically. They can be positioned higher or lower, as long as they are equally spaced from the side edges.

Strip handles installed along the entire length of the drawer front are also very popular. They definitely facilitate the bathroom routine and, as they come in numerous colours, they can go well with almost any style.

Everything is in your hands!

Regardless of the type, colour or shape of the handle you choose, don’t be afraid to try something unconventional. Consider different mounting locations, rotate them, and see how they look horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Find a suitable place, and create an interior that you find beautiful!