Inspirational, modern, functional and luxurious – Bathroom 2020.

Bathroom 2020 is so much more than everyday hygiene. A modern bathroom should be a place of rest, reflection and privacy. It is important, therefore, that we make it not only modern and functional, but also inspiring and luxurious.

From natural marble, with its irregular and unique structure, to the summer green of “living” walls – these are bathroom trends worthy of attention.

An oasis of serenity.

Nowadays, the bathroom is something greater than a functional space. The vast majority of people strive to create somewhere they can relax and “recharge their batteries”.

There are many ways to create your own spa. One is with exclusive accessories, atmospheric candles or luxurious equipment. It is important to create a welcoming, elegant and atmospheric interior, one that is comfortable and beautiful.

Green me.

Green in warm and delicate shades evokes a sense of peace and harmony, while its darker shades create depth and a sense of uniqueness. This colour helps create an individual bond with nature, and hence is ideal for a minimalist arrangement.

Walls in well selected shades of paint or patterns featuring lush leaves, either as wallpaper or tile, give the room a strong and bold look, great ways to achieve an interesting look.

Warm sand.

Natural colours can emphasise the warmth of the bathroom.

We can achieve a calm and pleasant atmosphere thanks to subdued biscuit colours on the walls of our bathroom. Paints, wallpapers or tiles can also work equally well here. Everything depends on your own preferences. However, it is worth paying attention to the finish. Choosing materials which are pleasant to the touch is an additional route to warming up the bathroom space.

In order to create an individual arrangement, it is worth considering contrast. Modern trends give us many opportunities in this area.

Contrast can be achieved by selecting appropriate colours for the washbasin, faucets or cabinet handles.

The perfect whole.

Marble and its outstanding patterns are a huge HIT for the modern bathroom. Almost all bathroom designs, regardless of their size, can benefit from some element of marble in the furnishings. Starting from washbasins, countertops, console basins and ending with entire walls covered in this precious stone. And no wonder, because marble is a beautiful material, available in different colours and unique patterns. This modern trend is supported by courage in design, something that contemporary owners of new bathrooms certainly have.

Atmospheric black.

Dark colours have their advantages too. Atmospheric black gives the bathroom a sophisticated look. Properly matched tiles and bathroom furniture allows you to create a fresh and modern room that calms your nerves.