How to choose the right bathroom mirror?

A properly selected mirror for the bathroom will allow you to see yourself in the best light. We currently have a lot of options regarding the size, shape and style of the mirrors, so we’ve prepared a small guide below that should help you decide on the right bathroom mirror.

Mirror size

When choosing a mirror size, we should take into account not only its function, but also the proportions. Achieving a balanced look will be easier if we adjust the width of the mirror to the size of the washbasin cabinet. Usually, the mirrors we choose are no wider than the washbasin cabinets.

A common approach is to adapt the bathroom mirror to the width of the under-basin cabinet in such a way that they fit perfectly together.

It might seem that getting this effect will be easier thanks to the custom sizes of mirrors. Nothing could be more wrong. Currently, bathroom furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of mirrors in sizes and shapes tailored to specific collections.

However, when we do not want to follow the suggestions, another equally good approach is to choose a mirror that matches the width of the under-basin cabinet in 70 or 80 percent.

When it comes to the height of hanging a functional bathroom mirror, the eyes of people using it should fall at the height of ¾ of its surface, from the bottom edge.

It is also worth remembering that the greater the height of the mirror, the better, because it provides more viewing angles and gives the impression of open space.

It is best when the mirror is hung at a height of not less than 20 cm from the sink.

Single vs. double

Holders of very wide washbasin or double cabinets, such with two sinks, have the option of using multiple mirrors or one wide enough to support both bathroom stands.

The use of several high and narrow mirrors can give the room a more vertical appearance, while emphasizing the available space. However, using one large mirror opens the room because it reflects more opposite walls. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your preferences.

One big mirror

Current trends regarding the size of mirrors tend to ignore the size of vanity units. It is more effective to fill the entire wall with one large bathroom mirror. Thanks to this, you will achieve the effect of enlarging the bathroom.

When deciding on such a solution, it is good to hang the mirror literally from wall to wall or to the end of a nearby device or toilet.

It should be remembered, however, that the mirror occupied most of the wall to avoid a situation in which it would look incorrectly sized.

It would seem that the desire to have a non-standard size mirror ideally suited to the wall is a much larger investment than buying a standard element.

However, compared to the cost of tiles that would possibly be behind or around the mirror, it often makes little difference.

Depending on your budget, it’s worth choosing a larger mirror, even with a little bit of material used below.

Mirror in the frame or without

Frameless mirrors are now a very popular bathroom choice, probably for several reasons.

First of all, they are quite stylish, and sometimes even cheaper than those with a frame.

Secondly, they give the room a modern look.

Frameless mirrors fit better into modern and minimalist interiors, such without excessive decor. Mirrors with sophisticated, stylish frames match traditional bathrooms, where other furnishings are equally detailed and decorative.

If you want to get a balance that fits almost any space, you should opt for a mirror in a simple frame a few centimeters wide.

Round mirrors

Until now, we have focused only on rectangular mirrors, but of course there are many other shapes.

Round mirrors are a great way to bring a little charm to the bathroom, which usually has many hard, sharp lines.

A round mirror that hangs on a thong, chain or bar will introduce a very nonchalant and casual atmosphere to every bathroom.

Round mirrors are also a great choice if the walls in the bathroom have an interesting finish, for example, patterned wallpaper or tiles.

Thanks to this, you have a large enough mirror pane to use, and the space left next to it is properly highlighted and accented.

Hanging cabinets with mirrors

Of course, all the mirrors discussed above are very attractive, but what if you need extra storage space?

Hanging cabinets with mirrors are ideal when space for our small items in the bathroom is limited.

Usually cabinets of this type are available in different sizes and can be combined with each other. It is also worth considering the possibility of building them into the wall, thanks to which we will gain a few centimetres.