Children’s bathroom – what to remember when arranging it?

Most of us know at least one child who needs a little extra motivation to brush their teeth, hands or jump into the tub. Below we would like to present some ideas on how to design a fun, functional and safe bathroom for children, which children will want to use.

Decide on one theme

If you want to create a cheerful and fun bathroom for children, one that will not look like a toy store, arranged just by children – decide on one specific theme instead of creating a mishmash of many elements. How do you find the theme? The matter is simple, just focus on the area of interest of our toddler, it can also be a favourite book or film. It will probably soon turn out that fairies, cars or teddy bears will provide us with a consistent look.

Choose surfaces that are easy to clean

When designing a bathroom for children, special attention should be paid to functionality. The choice of solid materials that are easy to clean is very important. If you have the option, opt for large-format tiles with minimal joints, it will definitely make cleaning easier. Glass or conglomerate washbasins will also be practical. All you need is a little liquid to remove dirt, toothpaste and soap.

Remember! Bathroom furniture finished with varnish is easy to clean.

A little bit of magic won’t hurt

Children love magic, as we know new bathroom technology is available that can provide it. Glowing mirrors that we can turn on without using hands, mirrors to which, if necessary, we can connect tablets. If you feel like it, go for it, opt for smart batteries that turn on and off automatically. Chromotherapy baths that provide a multi-coloured light show while bathing also seem to be tempting.


Choose fun additions

Your children will love really unique and creative accessories. Towels and rugs with the applications of your favourite characters. Soap dishes or cups in the shape of loved animals.

All these types of elements will encourage your child to visit his cheerful bathroom every day.

Take care of security

Toilet covers, drawers and cabinet doors are areas that should be protected. Small children love to put their hands in the wrong places.

It is also worth considering a soft, slow-falling toilet seat that will ensure peace and quiet and less pinched fingers.

Laundry basket

Place a laundry basket in the child’s bathroom, and you will avoid clothes scattered around the house. Of course, match it to the theme chosen for your toddler’s bathroom.