A glamor style bathroom. How to decorate it?

The bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, where you can relax after a long day and wash away all problems and worries. That is why its decor and design are important. The bathroom should be comfortable and comfortable. If you like luxury and a bit of glamor, you can create a great bathroom in the style of glamor that will make you feel like a queen or king every time you enter it.

1. Washbasin and vanity unit.

A glass sink is the perfect choice for a glam-style bathroom, it will perfectly reflect light and create a beautiful depth effect and additionally slightly brighten the room. If you like modern style bathroom furniture, choose a simple vanity unit, high-gloss lacquered. One that hangs on the wall. In this way you will gain legroom and make the bathroom look larger.

2. Lighting.

Lighting is a key step in achieving the desired effect. So let’s think about several light points instead of just one centrally located on the ceiling.  A few extra wall sconces and one or two above the mirror will work perfectly in a glamor-style bathroom. This arrangement will help set the tone and brighten the room, while providing shadows. Thanks to this you will create drama and the bathroom will gain mystery.

3. Wall finishing.

You will get an immediate effect very easily if you change the finish of the walls.

Here are 3 pro-tips:
  • Paint – change the colour of the walls, adapt it to the desired look. Seriously think about metallic paints, or ones with a little glitter. Get acquainted with the faux technique, thanks to it you will get a greater depth of the walls.
  • Wallpaper – wallpaper is back in favour, and the ease of its use is an additional advantage. Find a pattern that you like, and if necessary, add a few pictures to give it a more effective look.
  • Templates – nowadays we can find templates in local large area stores. Choose a pattern, apply it to the wall and enjoy the beautiful interior. Templates can also be purchased online, directly to your home.

4. Mirror

Currently, we have the ability to choose any shape and size of solder. To complement the glamor style, you should opt for a mirror that will highlight the style you choose.

Remember, a mirror is an important accessory that you should think about a little longer.


5. Towels and accessories

Instead of one towel, add a few. Thanks to this, the bathroom will seem a bit more luxurious. It is difficult to find an extra place, but you can, for example, carefully fold a few hand towels and place them on a tray, right next to the sink, guests always appreciate such nice gestures.

In addition to towels, it is also good to take care of rugs and bath mats, of course, remember about the appropriate colour scheme of your choice.

Another pro-tip
Choose a few different accessories, not necessarily functional, but rather ones that will help create a glamor-style bathroom.