Single or double sink?

The sink is a very important element of the bathroom’s equipment. A properly selected washbasin will streamline the daily routine and decorate our bathroom, which is the part of the equipment that definitely catches the eye.

Regardless of whether you are renovating the bathroom or you are designing it from scratch, it is worth considering the type of sink.

One of the basic questions that usually arise in such situations is whether to choose a single or double washbasin? You can’t decide? Are you wondering about the pros and cons of such washbasins? We will gladly dispel your doubts.

So how? Single or double sink?

Double sinks are a double benefit. They provide space for two people at the same time, and thus reduce the stress associated with sharing the bathroom each morning and, overall, greater convenience. However, they require double plumbing, double maintenance, and unfortunately, they do not fit in every bathroom. Are you wondering if twin sinks are a good solution for you? Or maybe a single, larger sink would make more sense?

When making your choice, pay attention to a few key principles that will help you make decisions.

Size, or what will fit in your bathroom?

Note that even if your bathroom is large enough to fit a double sink, it doesn’t always mean it’s a good solution. Think about whether the double sink will not take up too much space, or will it not be too overwhelming? Remember that the bathroom does not run out of space for free movement.

Convenience, more space for you.

The indisputable advantage of a double basin is the larger personal space you get every day. Nobody has to hurry and nobody disturbs the bathroom.

All your cosmetics are in an unchanged place, right under your hand, because there is no need to move them, this is your place. Convenience, however, involves obligations, you need to clean up a double space.

Budget. What or how much can you afford?

Renovation is associated with expenses, large purchases oblige to set a budget, so at the beginning it is worth thinking about what you can afford. A double sink involves double plumbing, which means that renovation costs increase.

Depending on what type of double sinks you prefer, e.g. glass or conglomerate, their prices can vary significantly. Think about your preferences and what you expect.

Patterns, or what do you like?

We have different models of double washbasins on the market, made of different materials, e.g. conglomerate, ceramic or glass. The choice is quite wide and gives you the opportunity to arrange the bathroom in any way.

Remember, if space limits you, but you want to maintain visual freedom, think about a double wall-mounted sink.

The decision to choose a single or double sink is a personal matter. Before making your choice, think about what will be best for you, what space you have at your disposal, what is important to you, what you can do and what you like. The above categories will help you dispel doubts.

And on our site you will find many interesting proposals for both single and double sinks.