Bath or shower? What should you take in this choice.

Bath or shower? Many people who arrange their bathroom face such a choice. This decision, seemingly trivial, will shape our daily routine for many years. So we should thoroughly analyse and decide what is best for us.
Of course, before we make a decision, we should take into account many factors regarding the needs of not only our, but the whole family. The design and size of our bathroom is also important. Below are a list of several questions that will help resolve this dilemma.

What size is your bathroom?

The amount of space available in the bathroom is very important. Sometimes its dimensions will simply not allow the installation of a full-size bathtub. Then you should carefully examine the product market and look at the proportions of bath tubs to choose the right size.

If it turns out that the bathroom is too small, you can opt out of the bathtub and opt for a shower cabin. To make the best use of space, you might want to think about sliding doors, although a walk-in cabin may also be a good option.

Do you necessarily have to choose?

If the bathroom has enough space for the bathtub, and you do not want to limit yourself, the rain shower mounted above the bathtub and the bath screen will be the perfect compromise.
Bath screens are a practical solution in small bathrooms, they perfectly save space. Currently, various types of sliding, sliding, folding bath tubs are available on the market, etc.

What do you really need?

The pace of life is one of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a bath or shower.

People who lead a dynamic lifestyle do not have the time or desire for long baths each morning, they absolutely need a shower. It’s the perfect solution for energetic individualities.

For calm people who need a daily, free routine in a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation, the best option will be a bathtub. The quiet sanctuary will protect you against a vigorous shower blow.

What can you afford? So, what is the distribution of plumbing and electricity in the bathroom.

Before you choose between a cabin and a bathtub, be sure to check the layout of the plumbing and sewage system and electricity. There are safety rules for arranging the bathroom. It is especially important to pay attention to electrical equipment.

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines in the bathroom, as this may affect whether it will be possible to install a shower enclosure or a shower enclosure. Water fittings should be at a distance from electrical devices such as lighting.

Here you will find an article on the layout of the installation in the bathroom.

Or maybe a shower and a bathtub?

Owners of a spacious bathroom can choose both options. Both the bathtub and the shower will fit perfectly into a large space. This is a great way to save valuable time in the morning, especially when we have a large family or just need to share the bathroom with someone else.

With the right arrangement, the bathroom will not only be functional, but also acquire the right character.