The company " Elita " Sp z o.o. was established in December 1998. Since then, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture, gaining the opinion of the company with a stable market position , guaranteeing security and reliability .

The primary goal of our company is to achieve customer’s satisfaction. Our advantages are modern design, high quality products as well as their functionality and durability. In our offer there are about 500 models of products, which can be arranged into functional bathroom sets according to individual preferences and tastes of the purchaser. From 11 March 2008 we became partner of ROYO GROUP associating 5 European companies which  are engaged in the design and sale of comprehensive bathroom equipment.

Our main value is a team of people which is composed of highly qualified professionals at every level of our company’s organization. This team is dynamic, open to innovation and creative in all its actions.

We attach great importance to continuous development. We focus on design and technological development both in the area of new processes and products. We invest in research and development, which allows us to stand out from out competition and refresh the offer of our products in response to market trends.

Values ​​such as openness, closeness with co-workers and modesty is a form of existence and operation of our company.