Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

1. My benefits from choosing Elita furniture.

Thanks to the use of high-quality fittings and materials resistant to moisture in particular elements we can be sure that Elita furniture will serve us for many years. A wide choice of elements makes is possible to create functional bathroom sets according to one’s own preferences and tastes.

2. What is the guarantee for bathroom furniture?

Elite furniture is covered by a 24 month guarantee for all components.

3. What is a soft close function? What is an automatic close system?

The soft–close system, also known as the automatic close system, slows down the process of closing doors and drawers and draws them into a fully closed position. This feature reduces the slamming of doors and drawers. As a result, the furniture does not get damaged and will serve the user for many years.

4. What is full extension?

Full extension is a term that defines the degree of drawer extension. The use of full extension option allows the user to fully extend a drawer, and thus provides free access to its content.

5. What are the characteristics of separable hinges?

Separable hinges allow easy removal of the front of a cabinet (door only). A screwdriver is not needed to do this, it is enough to press the appropriate spot. This option is used, for example, to thoroughly clean the inside of the cabinet.

6. What does it mean that the plate is laminated ?

Laminated plates are a product made on the basis of a three-layer particle board, which in the final stage is coated with thermoset paper, which provides the final finish of the plane that does not require further treatment. The lamination process itself consists in pressing a decorative film on the plate while at the same time giving structure to the plate.

7. What does it mean that the plate is lacquered?

Lacquering cabinets is a process which provides MDFs or particleboards with very good protection against moisture and, consequently, before the so-called swelling. Lacquering is done in special chambers with closed circuit and with no access to unnecessary contaminations. For this purpose Elite company uses the latest generation of UV technology

8. What kind of surface, a lacquered or laminated one, is a better protection against moisture?

Both types of surfaces protect against moisture in a similar way. The most important thing in the use of furniture is to prevent damage, such as cracks or scratches, to the coating of furniture. If such damage occurs, the water has free access to the material the furniture is made of and causes delamination of the material, i.e. the so-called swelling.

9. Can I order custom-made bathroom furniture?

The bathroom furniture offer prepared by Elita company comprises about 500 models of products, which can be assembled to create functional bathroom sets according to your own preferences and tastes. There is no possibility to order custom-made furniture.

10. I have a washbasin, I need only a cabinet, is it possible to choose a fitting cabinet from the catalog offer?

A particular vanity unit is designed for a particular washbasin. The relationships existing between a particular cabinet and a particular washbasin are so significant that finding a fitting cabinet to a different washbasin is a very rare occasion (corresponding cut of the countertop for under a bowl of a washbasin and matching a cabinet to the depth and width of a washbasin). Therefore, there is no possibility to adjust an existing washbasin to a new cabinet.