How to plan and decorate your bathroom: Top tips from our designers.

Arranging the perfect bathroom is not easy, especially when we want to create a perfect, practical and spacious interior. However, there are several solutions that you can look out for to make sure your bathroom caters to all your needs as a place to relax and unwind.

If you have the option of designing the bathroom from scratch, including electrical and plumbing installations, make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the room. It is also important to pay attention to small details when arranging sanitary facilities. For example, when you open the bathroom door, make sure the first thing you see is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Even beautiful furniture, a bathtub or a shower cubicle – just not a toilet! If you are lucky and the view from the bathroom window is nice, set the bathtub so that you can enjoy it while relaxing.

Remember! When planning the placement of individual bathroom elements, do not even think about styles and colors until you are sure where, what and how it will be arranged.

When designing the bathroom layout, always remember about the importance of storage space for all necessary things. Absolute horror is the cluttered surface, especially in the bathroom.

In addition to the right bathroom furniture, install several stylish modules or shelves next to the cabinets to create a mix of open and closed space. In this way, all larger items can be hidden, while the decorations perfectly highlighted. Examples include small Knick knacks, such as decorative bottles, soaps, or bathroom-friendly greenery, such as aloe vera and evergreen plants. Our offer includes several multi-colored modules with slender silhouettes that are timeless. They work great in bathrooms, but can also be used in other areas of the house.


Matching colours is a huge trend of 2018, so you can try to match the tone of the paint or tile you choose to use with bathroom furniture or a bathtub. White or neutral shades will always provide a sophisticated look, including a simple white scheme. If you want to get more intensity, use a mixture of deeper or more vivid colours from one palette. For example, if you use blush, use a coral mix. This will create a more rounded space, while accurate colour matching will give a really cool two-dimensional look, not reminiscent of Pop Art style schemes.


Don’t be afraid of the pattern

Bold wall murals and wallpapers. Use pattern, colour and scale to create a real intriguing space. Vinyl wallpapers are great for bathrooms, which will create the feeling of sophistication. Ceramic tiles are also a great alternative – smooth, patterned, 3D. The modern market gives us plenty of opportunities.

Remember, by covering the walls with something as heavy as the pattern, you immediately give your space uniqueness.

We believe that you cannot overlook the design potential that your bathroom can provide. Regardless of its size and shape, it should be given the same attention that is given to the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Thanks to this, you will realize your plan from a few months ago and relax in your dream bathroom, in a long bath…