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Size: 50 x 69.5 x 48.7 (cm)
Weight: 22.4 (kg)
Product code: 167306
Available color versions:
Product description:
Base unit Lofty 50 cm with a cargo basket. Made of high-quality materials, the front and body are made of laminated board, lacquered in high gloss light grey. The cargo basket in this unit has durable rails with load capacity up to 20 kg, with a silent self-closing function and with full-extension slide. That unit is equipped with metal handles in glossy chrome. The handles come in gold gloss and black matt, sold individually.
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Important informations:

  • We manufacture our furniture from raw materials and renowned European companies.
  • In the production process, we use modern PUR technology that clearly increases resistance to temperature, humidity and chemicals.
  • The customer receives a complex, reeady-to-use product, which eliminates the inconvenience with folding the furniture.
  • We provide 24 months warranty for our products and washbasins.

Collection Lofty
Family bathroom furniture.
Family, functional and practical Lofty bathroom furniture has been created for the most demanding people. This collection is an expression of a conscious lifestyle.
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Lofts are a series of elaborate bathroom furniture, in which many practical solutions have been introduced, and the additional combination of thoughtful functions and technologies will make everyday life more pleasant.

Seria Lofty to:

  • nowoczesność – styl Lofty to kwintesencja dzisiejszych trendów,
  • nieskazitelna estetyka pasująca do każdego wnętrza,
  • ponadczasowy design,
  • praktyczność, która sprawi, że korzystanie z łazienki nigdy nie było tak przyjemne,
  • elegancja, która zachwyci wszystkich gości.
We realize that designing the perfect bathroom can be a challenge. Composing all the elements so that they form a coherent whole and are functional can be a bit complicated. We want to facilitate this process for you, that's why we've created ready arrangements using bathroom furniture from our offer.

We hope that they will serve you as a model and inspiration to create a bathroom of dreams!
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Lofty is a collection, which exudes clarity from the outside and fresom on the inside. This series continues the tradition of creating versatile bathroom furniture.
It introduces many practical solutions thats will work perfectly in a spacious interior, but also meet the requirement of even the most uncompromising users.
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