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Size: 91.4 x 2 x 49.4 (cm)
Weight: 22.57 (kg)
Product code: 167476
Available color versions:
Product description:

ElitStone products are made by processing the natural raw materials which is compact marble - 100% natural, ecological material made of 97% recycled marble + 3% natural resin.

  • table top, full-frame

  • colour: black, marquina

  • ideal for creating a base for countertop washbasins

  • the hole for the washbasin to be made by the customer

  • resistant to scratching, water, steam as well as high pressures

  • after production, marble is painted with ceramic paint, hardened in a furnace in exactly the same technology as ceramic washbasins to ensure even greater durability

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Important informations:

  • We manufacture our furniture from raw materials and renowned European companies.
  • In the production process, we use modern PUR technology that clearly increases resistance to temperature, humidity and chemicals.
  • The customer receives a complex, reeady-to-use product, which eliminates the inconvenience with folding the furniture.
  • We provide 24 months warranty for our products and washbasins.

Collection ElitStone
Surround yourself with the beauty of nature.
ElitStone products are made of 96–97% natural marble with 3–4% admixture of natural resins. This means that ElitStone retains all of the mechanical and aesthetic properties of natural stone.
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Marble is a classic selection that never goes out of fashion. This solid stone can quickly change the appearance of any bathroom space with its elegant look.

Atuty kolekcji EliteStone:

  • nowoczesność i wyjątkowy styl, który idealnie współgra z każdym wnętrzem,
  • praktyczność, która sprawi, że korzystanie z łazienki stanie się przyjemnością,
  • elegancja, która sprawi wrażenie na wszystkich gościach,
  • wytrzymałość na niełatwe warunki np. ciepło i wilgoć.
We realize that designing the perfect bathroom can be a challenge. Composing all the elements so that they form a coherent whole and are functional can be a bit complicated. We want to facilitate this process for you, that's why we've created ready arrangements using bathroom furniture from our offer.

We hope that they will serve you as a model and inspiration to create a bathroom of dreams!
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Products from the ElitStone series: consoles,countertops and backsplash panels, are made of compact marble, which is distinguished not only by an above-average appearance and style, but also by exceptional durability. These elements are one of the best on the market in terms of quality, design and elegance.
The perfect thickness of the countertop edge is a kind of effective detail. Countertops, backsplash panels and consoles will perfectly complement modern and stylish arrangements.
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