205,00 PLN [252,15 PLN brutto]
Size: 50 x 100 x 1.9 (cm)
Weight: 9 (kg)
Product code: 166685
Product description:
Sote Long 50 cm mirror with a 3 mm glass pane adhesively bonded to backing panel and a mirror-finished rim. The Sote mirrors can accommodate wall lights. The light can be installed easily thanks to the drilled openings on the rim and a dedicated recess for the power adapter in the back of the mirror.
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Important informations:

  • We manufacture our furniture from raw materials and renowned European companies.
  • In the production process, we use modern PUR technology that clearly increases resistance to temperature, humidity and chemicals.
  • The customer receives a complex, reeady-to-use product, which eliminates the inconvenience with folding the furniture.
  • We provide 24 months warranty for our products and washbasins.

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