510,00 PLN [627,30 PLN brutto]
Size: 100.8 x 2.8 x 46 (cm)
Weight: 10 (kg)
Product code: 166901
Available color versions:
Product description:
Solid 100 cm table top, full-frame in classic oak colour. The worktops are manufactured based on the technology of vacuum pressing. The product’s base is a special quality MDF board with a surface finished with a polymer film. As a result, the countertops are resistant to stains and easy to clean. The countertop is ideal for creating a base for countertop washbasins, designed to be completed with all elements of the Look, Legacy, Soho, Split, Indus and Inge New series. The hole for the washbasin to be made by the customer.
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Important informations:

  • We manufacture our furniture from raw materials and renowned European companies.
  • In the production process, we use modern PUR technology that clearly increases resistance to temperature, humidity and chemicals.
  • The customer receives a complex, reeady-to-use product, which eliminates the inconvenience with folding the furniture.
  • We provide 24 months warranty for our products and washbasins.

We realize that designing the perfect bathroom can be a challenge. Composing all the elements so that they form a coherent whole and are functional can be a bit complicated. We want to facilitate this process for you, that's why we've created ready arrangements using bathroom furniture from our offer.

We hope that they will serve you as a model and inspiration to create a bathroom of dreams!
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The aesthetics, attractive expressive shape and straight lines give this Look series extraordinary originality. This unique collection of bathroom furniture is a wealth of configuration options for an individual and unique effect.
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