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Size: 161 x 2 x 46 (cm)
Weight: 36.89 (kg)
Product code: 167405
Available color versions:
Product description:
ElitStone table top, 160 cm, full frame. The top is made of compact marble. Designed to be completed with all elements of the Look series. The top is ideal for creating a base for countertop washbasins.
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Important informations:

  • We manufacture our furniture from raw materials and renowned European companies.
  • In the production process, we use modern PUR technology that clearly increases resistance to temperature, humidity and chemicals.
  • The customer receives a complex, reeady-to-use product, which eliminates the inconvenience with folding the furniture.
  • We provide 24 months warranty for our products and washbasins.

Collection ElitStone
ElitStone are countertops and consoles that have been designed especially for the Elita company. These are sophisticated and beautiful elements that are made of compact marble. Marble is not only a strong material, but also very multidimensional.
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Products that were created with its use always stand out from the competition in terms of quality, style and elegance. In addition, they are also the least demanding and do not need as frequent cleaning as countertops made of other materials.

Countertops and consoles made of compact marble guarantee heat, water and steam resistance as well as strong pressures.

The elements come in two colors with a backsplash effect, they perfectly harmonize with multi-colored countertop washbasins, ensuring a balanced look.

Thanks to their stability and durability, the products are great for public bathrooms.

Elite Stone countertops and consoles are:

  • modernity and a unique style that harmonizes perfectly with any interior,
  • practicality that will make using the bathroom a pleasure,
  • elegance that will impress all guests,
  • resistance to difficult conditions, e.g. heat and humidity.
Products from the ElitStone series, consoles and countertops, are made of compact marble, which is distinguished not only by an above-average appearance and style, but also by exceptional durability. These elements are one of the best on the market in terms of quality, design and elegance.
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The perfect thickness of the countertop edge is a kind of effective detail. Countertops and consoles will perfectly complement modern and stylish arrangements.

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