How to reduce water consumption in the bathroom? 5 effective tips

Can you take care of your wallet, live more ecologically but still comfortably at the same time? Saving water does not have to mean losing the comfort of everyday life, and not only your wallet, but also the planet will be grateful for it. Sometimes it is enough to make a few simple changes to your everyday life ..

1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Don’t let the water run down without end while you brush your teeth. You should only wet your brush and turn on the water to rinse your mouth – this will save you up to 15 liters of water.

2. Take a chance on dual flush. Older toilets use a lot of water, so it is worth replacing the flush with a new model that has a water-saving system. Using the small flush (3 liters) and large (6 liters), depending on the needs, saves up to 40,000 liters of water per year.

3. Install the faucet aerator on the end of the tap. The faucet aerator is a clever device which, by aerating the water, causes less of it to flow from our tap, although the stream we see is exactly the same. We will not notice a smaller stream, however water comes up in lesser amount. This can reduce water footprint even by 30% -50%.

4. Give up bathing in favor of a quick shower. 150 liters of water are needed to fill the bathtub, by contrast- only 15 liters of water per minute when taking shower. A shower is therefore more economical as long as it is also kept short. In order to take care of the lowest possible water consumption, it is also worth remembering to soap yourself when the water is turned off and to use a shower head instead of a rainshower.

5. Wash your hands with a small stream of water. We wash our hands many times a day – if we reduce the water stream each time, we will quickly notice the results in the form of smaller bills.