Masculine bathroom. How do you design a masculine bathroom?

Men spend less time in the bathroom than women, but this does not mean that it should not meet their aesthetic needs.

A masculine bathroom combines dark colours, old materials, raw wood and metal accents. This modern take on industrialism incorporates industrial and rustic design. A male-oriented bathroom design makes use of simple, clear lines and distinct edges. The loft and industrial styles are also perfect for this type of space.

Additions also matter, which is why adding several bold accents is a great way of creating a friendlier, masculine interior.

Here are several interesting details worth taking into consideration when designing a bathroom for a man.


It is important to remember that for a man, the bathroom is a place that serves a specific purpose. It is therefore worth keeping in mind that functionality comes first in a masculine bathroom, and the appearance of any additional elements is of secondary concern.

The bathroom may look minimalist this way, but will be perfectly geared towards performing its function.

Choose wisely

The colour we associate with a masculine bathroom is black. Why? Because black represents such masculine traits as strength, authority and seriousness. This is why black is the preferred colour. White is sometimes used to break it up, resulting in a strong contrast, more clarity and a modern look.

Another popular colour in masculine bathrooms is grey. A very formal colour, it is associated with elegance and wisdom. Other popular colours include navy, dark green and even red.

Black washbasins and dark accents are a particularly good fit in a masculine bathroom.

A mature interior

Wooden textures are an excellent choice in a masculine bathroom. Wood lends it a warm aesthetic and has a calming and relaxing effect. It can be used to create a mature and elegant interior which emanates masculinity in a natural way.

Wood is perfect for complementing and warming the austere interior of a man’s bathroom. It does not have to be limited to the walls, but could be in the forms of wooden slats, for example. Wooden additions are also a great solution, including counters and wooden bathroom furniture.

Refined space

Durable and strong materials are a great fit in a masculine bathroom. They imply strength and endurance, which are the traits every man has.

Marble counters and console tables can be used to design a sophisticated interior. Brick or concrete walls add texture and personality to an austere space. Remember that grey is the second-best colour after black, which makes concrete a great material to use.

Metal additions

You would be hard-pressed to find decorative accessories in a man’s bathroom. It is important to remember that men are practical by nature, which is why excessive decorations do not really fit in an interior designed for a man. This does not mean that men do not like ornaments. They do, they just differ from women.

Strong and durable metal additions are the best for a masculine bathroom, for example metal tubes and frames.

Other important elements worth spending some time on when designing a bathroom for a man include furniture handles, towel racks, taps and shower heads.

Freedom comes first

Men tend to be larger than women, which is why they require more space to move around and perform simple actions such as dressing and undressing. This is why they prefer larger, open spaces which offer them freedom of movement. This is not only with regard to the bathroom as a room. The same applies when choosing the shower cabin and doors – walk-in or sliding doors? Or maybe hinged?

Do not forget that functionality is the hallmark of a masculine bathroom, and that space is definitely a must-have.