Designing a bathroom? See what to remember.

The decision to renovate a house, apartment or specific room naturally evokes a sense of excitement in us. However, this process involves a lot of pressure to make the right decisions. They will also affect our daily lives, which is why we want to make sure that they are right.

But how do you make sure that the layout and style we choose are the right ones? Will we not exceed the budget? Will our investment work for years? The answer is trivial, start with a good design that is important especially in the bathroom.

Bathroom is a room in our house, whose design should be well thought out. We want our bathroom to be functional for all household members, and besides it should be aesthetic, elegant and stylish.

We will introduce several pro-tips that are worth paying attention to when designing your bathroom.


Of course, we do not like small, dark, damp bathrooms. Bad air circulation in such an important place as the bathroom will not allow us to relax properly after everyday hardships. If we have the option of placing the bathroom from the outside wall so that it has a window, that’s fantastic. However, if it is too late for the window, it is worth considering the skylight. The skylight is the perfect way for natural light and fresh air, making the bathroom more comfortable.

The location of the bathroom

It seems that nobody would want a bathroom located opposite the kitchen or living room, right? It is a room that will be used by the whole family every day. Of course, this does not mean that we should hide it, somewhere in a grey account, at the end of a dark corridor, where nobody will find it. It is important, however, to keep some kind of distance, separation, and privacy. The last thing we want are friends who eat a delicious dinner and look at the toilet.


Another extremely important issue that must be taken care of. The toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you see when you open the bathroom door. A washbasin or a free-standing bathtub are definitely more attractive views when we enter the bathroom.

Brick paddling pool

The walk-in cabin and the linear drain will make the bathroom appear larger and more spacious. The former stereotype of a practical walled shower tray is becoming a thing of the past. And very well, these types of solutions are simply unsightly and limit the space.

In addition, the walk-in cabin is a great option for people who plan to grow old in their home. The introduction of this type of solution is quite easy to achieve in a new or rebuilt bathroom, just make sure that it is included in the design.


Regardless of whether we are rebuilding, renovating or creating our bathroom from scratch, we must remember that size does not matter, but how the space is used. Of course, the design of bathroom furniture and accessories is important, but the most important thing is that the bathroom was functional and meets the needs of all residents.

It is worth investing in a good project that will allow us to plan our interior in a useful, practical and beautiful way, so that it will serve us for years.