Light up your bathroom.

We often underestimate the lighting in the bathroom. We put them at the lowest level of the list of our priorities in relation to other rooms. We forget that it is there that we will need it most, not only for everyday activities, but also for relaxation.
So let’s take the time to design the lighting arrangement to make the most of our bathroom space.

Clean and bright bathroom.

Large, bright light overhead is lighting for special, key tasks. Remember, however, that the bathroom is a room where we spend a lot of time. We sometimes need a suitable, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, reminiscent of a SPA. It is very important to remain flexible in adjusting the lighting in the bathroom. It is worth thinking about light dimmers, which will facilitate adapting the room to activities appropriate for us at the moment.

Ceiling and mirror light.

Of course, the most important thing is the general lighting in the bathroom, i.e. the ceiling light. They can be hanging lamps, ceiling lamps or those recessed into the ceiling. The decision is yours. You also need a task light that should be around the mirror. They can be sconces placed on both sides of the mirror.

It is also worth considering a mirror that has light built into its frame. It is an ideal solution with a limited area, but also very aesthetic and modern.

Recently, strip lighting has become very fashionable, under suspended cabinets, which makes them seem to float and levitate.

Don’t overdo it.

Some of us tend to place halogen in the ceiling too much just to be sure that the bathroom is bright enough. Unfortunately, the ceiling, however, has its end somewhere, and when you look at it specifically it can start to resemble, for example, Swiss cheese. Remember! Everything with limit. This does not mean, of course, that you have to give up large lighting. We have already established that it is important. Maybe this is another reason to think about light dimmers?

Avoid lighting in the bathroom only directed downwards and asymmetrical.

In the bathroom, avoid the light that is directly directed downwards on the head. It will be unfavourable, too sharp. Instead, it is worth placing the lamp on the transition line, more or less in the centre. So that she would be behind you when you look in the mirror and not in front of you.

Asymmetrical lighting is another mistake that is better to avoid in the bathroom. Placing the wall lamp on one side of the mirror will create uneven lighting and hinder daily care.

Bath and shower lighting.

Usually, we don’t really focus on lighting the bathtub or shower. It seems to us that the main light is enough to provide us with the comfort of everyday bathing.

The truth is, however, that the shower lighting, unlike the vanity lighting, should be directly above our head. The light above the bathtub should be at both ends. Arranging light sources in this way will make your daily routine easier and easier.

LED lighting in the bathroom.

Lighting based on LED solutions is extremely efficient. Thanks to the long lifetime, you don’t have to change the bulbs for years. In addition, their minimal appearance allows for a more clean and modern bathroom design

LEDs shine without giving off heat, ultraviolet or infrared, and their use affects energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The great advantage of LED technology is also that the maximum light output is achieved in a split second. Which is completely different from other light sources in which the lamp needs to warm up for several minutes. The LEDs turn on immediately and can be dimmed while maintaining stable colours.