What to remember while arranging a bathroom for elderly people.

Seniors are the group of people that need support particularly in all apsects of life.
Even a simple everyday bathroom routine can cause multiple issues. For those, whose mobility has gotten worse, strength reserves ran out, long showers are out of reach and same goes for taking baths – getting in and out brings a lot of risks to the table. All of the above navigates the main goal – provide the elders with conditions that will let them be independent in that area.

Luckily, elders-friendly bathrooms are no longer a taboo topic. There is a variety of accesories to make moving around the bathroom easier. Starting from the handles that help getting up, shower seats, thershold-free tray entries ending with baths with doors. Thanks to them, seniors can feel even more independent in the bathroom.

When arranging a bathroom for elders, pay attention to:



Armrets and handles

Those are essential in the seniors’ bathrooms. It is also one of the easiest ways to make that area more friendly. Assembly of the handle right next to the toilet, in the shower or near the bath would make an everyday routine less nerve wracking.

Shower tap

It is important to double check the shower tap’s length. It should not make sitting on the shower seat dangerous or inconvenient. It should be long enough to give the individual freedom to move and feel comfortable.


It is worth considering which bathroom battery is adequate and does not have two winders. There are a few options on the market that are more functional than the regular ones. Touchless batteries turn on thanks to the hand movement. Another option are the batteries with only one handle or the ones that have extended taps.

Advancing strap

Elevating the toilet with just a few centimeters can make a huge difference for the elders. There is a lot of ways to do so but the advancing straps seem to be the wisest choice of them all. Thanks to said strap, sitting down and getting up does not require any force from the elders. You can also put the whole basin up higher but that means the whole bathroom would have to be renovated.

Slip-resistant footcloths

Slip-resistant footcloths and bathroom rugs are yet another easy prevention from unwanted events such as falling or slipping in the shower. Putting a walk-in anti-skidding rug in there could be a good idea. Same goes for putting them near the shower or bath so there is no risk of slipping.

Walk-in baths and showers

For older people, getting into the shower or bath may be a difficult task. Some are more mobile than others and vice versa. It is worth considering buying a walk-in bath or shower since those do not have any thersholds. Moving from a wheelchair to the seat would instantly be easier and safer.

Walk-in baths have a seat that is not usually included in traditional baths which makes them more and more popular among elders.

Either walk-in baths or showers have their advantages but what is the most important is the way they were designed to simplify seniors’ lives and make them function independently.