The original design of the Split collection shows what a combination of refinement and practicality should look like: from slender shape and eye-catching fronts to impressively spacious drawers.

The collection is a completely new concept of an interior giving you the freedom of storage and arrangement. Take care of your own comfort and things can get a lot easier.

From the front, eyes are drawn to a milled handle, profiled at a 45 degree angle, located along the entire length of the cabinet.
The combination of simple lines with numerous configuration options for drawers and cargo storages impress with practicality as well as allure with its style. The Split collection looks fantastic in the ElitStone unicolor countertops.

Comfort and functionality

Capacious drawers with metal sides in many sizes and a cargo storage form a fully coherent whole with an elegant, modern character. Safety rails protect against falling out objects.
You are given the freedom to arrange your drawer‘s space with modular organizers.

Thanks to a wide range of original alternatives, everyday use of the Split bathroom furniture collection can be even more pleasant. Corresponding to the latest trends, the colour palette allows the furniture to be tailored
to the user’s disposition.

This collection looks great thanks to the matt paint in four colors: white, stone, anthracite and black.

The progressive design has made it possible
to design aesthetic, functional and comfortable furniture.