Catalogue 2021 – Create a bathroom you will love.

The 2021 Catalogue includes creative solutions and a wide range of furniture, bathroom fittings and accessories, thanks to which designing the perfect bathroom is possible, allowing it to become a real work of love.

The latest bathroom furniture collections are based on experiments and research, where the aim is to arrive at a smart and creative interpretation of bathroom design.

Our products include faultless interior designs, beautifully in balance with contemporary modern styles.

The design of our furniture has evolved so that our new collections can find a place in the bathrooms in every home. The changes we have made include a broader view on various tastes, glass finishing and charming harmonious colours.

The new collections with their ornamental glass are original and versatile. Cabinet fronts have been given a new look, with stunning details. Larger modern modules make it possible to create a whole range of compositions to enrich any bathroom and allow individual planning.

For years we have been inspired by nature, an unbelievable combination of colours and surfaces with varied shapes, sizes and textures. In drawing on this, we always try to maintain the structural logic of our products, which are characterised by original ornamentation, a perfect balance of lines, spatial freedom and durable workmanship.

What must you do to create the bathroom you love? It is easy, find your inspiration!

Download Elita 2021 catalogue