Elita for the planet – forest planting campaign 2022

As a company, we are aware that man contributes to the greatest extent to the degradation of the natural environment. Doing business with respect for nature is not only important, but also necessary for the safety of our planet. We want our activity to support the development of the environment, not its degradation, which is why our company does not lack ecological activities.

One of such initiatives is the company’s Forest Planting which we have been organizing together with our employees since 2019. Although a year later we were stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic, from 2021 we continue the tradition. Also this year, on September 24, we met in the nearby Wilki Leśniczówka forest to do some good for the environment together.

This year, we decided to expand our ecological campaign and include our followers, clients and contractors in it. On our social media we published posts, and for every sharing of that post we planted one additional tree during this event. As a result, we planted 100 additional trees.

In total, we planted 3,100 young trees – birches and pines.
Trees are a valuable part of the global natural environment. They are the lungs of the world, protecting the soil and water, and protecting us from the harmful effects of industry. It is home to many thousands of species of plants and animals as well as a favourite relaxation spot. Considered them the largest plants and thanks to their large-scale photosynthesis, trees are the most efficient at producing oxygen in the atmosphere – we are proud to have been able to expand this oxygen factory.

For us, it was not only an opportunity to support nature, but also a great time together and a unique opportunity to integrate. There was also a bonfire, delicious food and attractions for the youngest, to whom we tried to instil best practices and make them interested in the subject of caring for the environment.