Royo group



Royo Group is a team of enterprises involved in the design and sale of comprehensive bathroom equipment. Royo Group arose from the need to combine the efforts of various prestigious companies in order to professionally meet all the challenges of the ever-growing market.

Royo Group was founded by Pascual Pérez Royo, an entrepreneur who in 1972 set up his own factory producing bathroom furniture.

As a result of his business and entrepreneurship the company Mobiliario Royo was created in 1982. The company focused its business activity on designing, manufacturing and selling products for comprehensive bathroom equipment. Through constant work, professionalism, good management, strategic vision of the market, as well as high quality products and services the company has become one of the most important manufacturers of bathroom furniture in Spain. The rapid growth of the enterprise has allowed the creation of several other companies, which complemented the product range and broadened the scope of business activity. During this long period Royo Group has gone through various important stages that have influenced the further evolution and development of the company.

The distinctive feature of Royo Group is its organizational culture, which is based on the pursuit to create a competitive and profitable group of companies operating in globalized economy.

Royo Group‘s mission is to improve the quality of life and to participate in the growth of wealth of the society. Thanks to the progress and creativity we aim to produce and sell products for comprehensive bathroom and apartment equipment.


R & D & I Research + Development + Information

Royo Group focuses on R & D & I as the key to achieve a profitable and competitive group of companies. Focusing on high and middle class products we are able to meet the demands of the twenty-first century. Thanks to our brand image, design and innovation we stand out in the market.

Royo Group R & D & I means a significant commitment to continuous development in the following areas:

a)   Manufacturing processes and industrial technologies

The implementation of the latest technologies and advanced systems which guarantee the production of highest quality products while optimizing costs and maintaining the principles of safety as well as health and environment protection.

b)   Quality, design and creativity,

Adjusting the structure of all departments of the company to company strategic needs by means of strong reinforcement in the form of staff with high qualifications.

c)   Excellence in management,

Complying with the principles of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), applying the management systems such as the Balance Scorecard (BSC) with a comprehensive B2B (business to business) control panel, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and tools of the latest ERP and BI (Business Intelligence) generations together with Workflow (management and control of the documentation workflow).

Royo Group unites the brands which are prestigious and well-known on the market: Royo Bath, Bannio, Elita and Aquaidro. These companies are an excellent example of strategic development and a forecast of not only a solid future but also of a coherent and unifying image that reflects the success and inspires confidence among customers.